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For over 16 years our professionals have provided companies, just like yours, with record keeping, administration and actuarial services for their retirement plans. Globalstar Pension Services provides services to clients ranging in size from one to hundreds of employees.

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Because we are a full service consulting and administration firm, partnering with us ensures that the needs of employer and employee will be met. We offer a full range of retirement plan services.

  • Plan Design and Implementation
  • Defined Contribution Plan Recordkeeping and Administration
  • Defined Benefit Plan Actuarial Services and Administration
  • Annual Compliance Testing and Government Reporting
  • Consulting Services


Retirement Plan Rx

Fall 2017

The latest news regarding retirement plans has centered around service provider fees. While fees are a highly important aspect of managing an employer-sponsored retirement plan, they are not the only metric of your overall retirement plan's health. A low-cost retirement plan does not necessarily parallel a fruitful pension program for employees.

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Communications in an E-World

Spring 2017

With communication mediums like email, text, and IM's becoming the standard in business industries worldwide, plan sponsors are becoming increasingly interested in abandoning paper processes for a more electronic means of communication with plan participants and beneficiaries. Since e-delivery is not an "all or nothing" prospect, this new approach presents itself as an accessible and easily implemented process with many advantages.

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Dealing with Distributions

Winter 2017

It is estimated that uncashed checks account for billions of dollars, representing a fortune of uncollected funds belonging to plan participants or beneficiaries that they are not able to use and also represent serious issues for fiduciaries. Uncashed distribution checks occur when retirement plan participants fail to cash or deposit a distribution check from their defined contribution plan.

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